Men’s Fashion {Best of 2018}

Hey guys!  Men’s Fashion post for you!!  Guess what?!  You get to have just as much fun with your fashion as your bride and her bridesmaids!  I hope you can get some ideas here.

You get to choose, jacket or no jacket?  Along with that option, you also need to decide if you’ll be wearing a vest or not.  Both can look great.

Think you’re done- nope!  Now you get to choose your boutonniere!  And then do you want yours to match or to coordinate with the groomsmen?

And then, the best part- the unexpected!  SOCKS!  Wear the good socks.  Have fun with the socks!!  Also, besides personalizing with the socks, you get to choose whether you want to wear those socks with brown or black shoes.  I’ve been seeing a lot of brown shoes lately.  I kind of really love brown shoes.

Did you know you can add other special pieces, perhaps a pin?  Perhaps some golf tees?  Be you!

Lastly, you know how some brides change their gown for the reception?  You can change your tie.  And bonus if it’s a tie your new wife doesn’t know you’re about to put on, it’s a tie that has special meaning, and a tie that will make her laugh!

Men, have fun!  Men’s fashion can be just as exciting as women’s fashion.  I guarantee it!

I realized that I didn’t do a “Best of” post for 2017 grooms, so you may recognize a couple of these pictures from last year.  I had to pick a few favorites to share here.

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